Ilchi Lee: Brain Education

Why Brain Centered Education

The brain is the beginning and end of your life. As your brain waves are first activated, your life is activated as well. When your brain waves cease, your life comes to an end. Your whole life is recorded and stored in your brain as conscious and subconscious memory. In addition, your brain contains the history of millions of years of evolution, as well as the characteristics and abilities that are unique to human beings.

The future of all humanity depends on how well we use our brains. The brain is the greatest common denominator of humankind. If we all use our brain to pursue health, happiness, and peace, the lives we and our offspring experience on Earth will become much more meaningful and beautiful.

Ilchi Lee: Brain Wave Vibration

If it is helpful for you to conceive of God as a specific entity, then by all means, do so. There is indeed great truth to be found in many descriptions of God, but I would implore you not to let these descriptions confine your perception of possibility. Rather, allow them to simply be a starting point. Brain Wave Vibration is one among many training methods I have developed to help people stop thinking about spirituality so that they can start experiencing it.

When you consider the many different manifestations of spiritual experience in the world, it obviously does no good to debate which one is right. That has been the root of unbelievable amounts of suffering in the world. In fact, in the way I see spirituality, it is quite contradictory to differentiate in this way. It is best rather to focus on the concepts we have in common. Most spiritual traditions have at their root the notion of the ultimate peace that comes through the oneness of all beings. The Bible speaks of "the peace that surpasses all understanding," and Hindus speak of nirvana. My belief is that journeying to this place of oneness is the only thing that ultimately matters in any spiritual practice.


1. Is the information I am receiving empowering to me?

No piece of information is worth having if it weakens you or detracts from your ability to realize your full potential. Throughout their lives, many people receive disempowering information, messages that tell them "You are not good enough," "You are not pretty enough," "You are not smart enough," and so forth. You must learn to view these beliefs as tragic pieces of misinformation that have given rise to disastrous results in the world. You must be willing to reject this kind of information, because if you believe any of it, even a smidgen of it, you have unconsciously allowed a destructive virus into your brain.

The worst is when you give yourself this information. Your brain will take you very seriously if you tell yourself that you are not good enough or that you are lacking in any way. It will live up to what you tell it you can do, so always give it clear and positive information about yourself. You can acknowledge that you have shortcomings to work on, but you should not think that your faults are a permanent part of who you are. When doing Brain Wave Vibration, imagine that you are shaking all of this kind of limiting information out of your brain.